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Fall Home Decor 2014

Now that fall is here and in full effect (well kind of, we are still getting temps in the 80’s in MO) I am so excited to show off the first go around of fall decorations. Wooho!

To make this short sweet and to the fall-er-riffic (yes, I just made that up) point. We shall hop right on in.

Hello Fall


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Antique Inspired Baby Shower

So much has changed in the HOUSEOFMEIS. New baby is on the way and let me tell you the time has completely flown by! So having to start prep for a baby shower was a bit of a surprise to me when May came. I knew I wanted no characters nothing too gimmicky.. just nice and sweet!

Here is where the idea started. Birds, antiquie (thats a word right),  and simple.



I’d like to think I succeeded in the task *pats self on the back*

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Before: House Tour!

Your home should be a reflection of you!

Only 2 ½ months ago we moved into what I would like to call my dream home!

Although It has a lot of work that needs to be done (cosmetically). The structure & layout if {{PERFECT}}. Before we start with all those shenanigans, I thought it would be a good idea to show you the amazing blank canvas I received!

Welcome to the Meis Home! 

Outside View: 


Not much of a front porch but just the right amount to add a little decor! We plan on completely re-doing the side greenery next spring.Im hoping maybe I have a green thumb!

Entry Way & Dining Room:

din liv

How perfect is this space! I have always loved to look at stairs when you first walk into the door (strange I know). The wood here is great for easy clean up for the wetter months. There is so much wall space for pictures I can just picture it in my head already!

To the right of the entry way. Sweet and straight to the point. The three windows really give natural light during the day. Crown molding in this room with white chair railing!

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Welcome to Passions & Lollie!


image copy

 I am so excited that you are here to join me on this crazy journey I like to call life!

I started this blog because I wanted to have a chance to speak my mind that is always filled with ideas, dreams, passions! Being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) I have a lot of time to sit a listen to my self think (If thats even possible).

I think I have a lot of interesting things going on up there!

 So….”what are these “things” you have in your head?”, one might say……..

 Guess you will just have to just stay tuned! 😉

 Before that, how about we get the scoop on my cute little family


Here we are! Looking way too cute and what not! There is me (Nekiyah), hubbs (Michael), && Bunny (Jaelynn). This pic was over 3 years ago! Crazy!


 More recent picture of the little bunny, once again, too cute! :)

 We recently just moved into out very first ( and hopefully last humble abode)! THIS causes for plenty of organizing, decorating (holidays are great!), renovations, && diy projects!. But of course they will always be plenty of mommy blogs, bunny hauls, recipes (successes & fails), house hauls & reviews! You will quickly come to realize I am a Girly Girl <3, so be ready for makeup, fashion, hair, bath and body, && scented wax galore!

 I hope you will continue to join me on this journey and help me grow and love what & who I am even more! I hope all my passions and those things I like to lollygag about make you laugh and smile for ever!


** Photo Credit: Marie Photography 

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